Man waited 9 years to pounce on squatted domain name

Someone bought the .com to my .org and offered to sell it to me. Checked every now and then to see if it had freed up. After 12 years they must have gotten tired of waiting and it was unclaimed. Got it for the usual price.

I bought the rights to use a .org address from GoDaddy. After a year, I hadn’t put anything up on it, so was considering letting it lapse. That became a certainty when GoDaddy offered me more years of my chosen sitename starting at $21 per year. For a domain that started as $1.99 for a year, and no usage, dumping it was a nobrainer.

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Meh - I’ve been stalking one far longer than that. I lost it in auction when it got released into the wild when the person who had it let it expire. The person who won it never did anything with it. About a week before it was supposed to get released it got transferred (it hadn’t been transfer locked) and over the years I’ve watched it get moved from domain registrar to registrar. again and again and again. At one point it was registered out of Belize before the ownership went private listing. It’s for sale . I’m not interested in the inflated price for the .com . I own the .co and .org versions and let the .biz expire. A cousin owns the .net version.

Since the registration companies have allowed the extensions net bizco and probably hundreds of others it’s almost impossible not to get what you want with a different extension of course certain ones like what TV. Biz are really great it doesn’t really matter with good SEO anymore

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