Man who channels alien from the future bombards Tumblr GIF artists with takedown notices


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This is an almost amusing anecdote that shows some of the problems with copyright, fair use, and how the Internet is regulated.

I can only hope that Darryl Anka is acting a a playful manner and trying to be constructive.

But the “trust and safety team” at Tumblr needs to improve it’s evaluation process. There needs to be some critical evaluation and evidence-based decision making.

I may have to channel the gods on the planet Panopticon and see if Tumblr is worthy of continued existence.


I believe the alien he is channeling is a non-breakable spaceman.


It doesn’t actually say whether the they used someone else’s work or not.
Yeah, it’s a stupid communication from someone who is clearly as dumb as a bag of crank handles. But it is JUST a web site.
Perhaps host the work somewhere else, like your own server.


It’s not about the hosting, that’s the easy part. It’s about the community around the site.

Wish it could be that easy…



Or actually have one, since right now apparently the process consists of (1) get vaguely plausible looking notice, (2) don’t evaluate.


I find this fact incredibly frustrating. There really needs to be a way for people to continue to host their own material, yet still share and contribute in conversations and communities. The internet is dying umder the weight of commercial walled garden spaces, much as the meatspace lacks for public space.

Some content standard like RSS or iCal needs to exist in a morencomplex form for sharing materials. Of course RSS is actively under attack. Thete have to be non-profit efforts out there to develop truly distributed networks the way the internet was intended to function. Even moreso than Diaspora, something that is totall granular, where people can just map and tag their own website material in a way that it can be aggregated in communities.

If there are such prjects underway, they should be getting attention in every article like this.


I am thinking about a hybrid way. A completely decentralized system, with auto-uploading to the centralized ones. Essentially multiposting to several services, with a decentralized track-keeping layer.

We won’t get people to uptake a new platform in sufficient numbers. The changemaker must at first parasite on existing ecosystem.


See the amazing transition from Darry Anka to Bashar here:

I knew someone back in the early 90’s who was into this guy and lent me a few audio tapes that were…entertaining to say the least. He’s definitely a con artist milking the ever-flowing teat of the new age community. I just was never able to fully suss out how much of his own bullshit he actually believed and how much he was just P.T. Barnum-ing the fuck out of a bunch of rubes. In one audio tape of his he was giving instructions to a deluded man who was trying to build a space ship in his own garage. “Bashar” was simultaneously giving him instructions on the arrangement of a matrix of quartz crystals in the engine, and trying to shoo him off the stage since the whole scenario was clearly an embarrassment.

Darryl Anka will definitely do anything for a buck (he sells “Essassani contact crystals” for $180 bucks a pop on his website). I’m a bit puzzled by the DMCA takedown notices, because I don’t see how he stands to profit by them, and profit is clearly his main motivator for most of his activities. Maybe he’s hoping for free advertising? Maybe he’s just drank enough of his own Kool Aid that he’s just completely over the edge now?



wow. mesmerizing to watch and listen to…thanks! very entertaining.

i kept waiting for him to say something with content even remotely as interesting as the way he was saying it, alas no luck. apparently aliens from the future like to blabber on and on and on without really saying much. yet i’m still listening…understand? does this explanation serve you? :slight_smile:


Sheesh. Buddy, you’re in the present. The evidence is on IN THE FUTURE… you have to wait bro.


Why don’t you mine the precious metals for your computer yourself, while your at it? It is JUST a computer.


Wouldn’t you need to channel an alien from the past in order to make copyright infringement claims?


Isn’t that basically how Usenet worked?



I’m not sure. If Congress or the TPP extends copyright any further, it’ll end up with any word you say will need to be licensed in advance.

Seriously, the MLB claims copyright on accounts of the game. So much bullshit.


As Tumblr is now part of Yahell, this simply doesn’t even strike me as odd in any way.


Not really. Usenet servers are the same service but distributed.

This would send the content to multiple centralized services instead of one distributed, with a layer to keep track of their presence and collate the comment and other activity.


Came here for the same reason - the timing is screwy. If Bashar is from the future, clearly he has infringed the copyrights of these artists in the present. Might have got away with it, too, if he’d just kept his big mouth shut. Now our lawyers have 7,000 years to prepare for his birth - he won’t know what hit him!