Man with a gun in his carry-on bag slips by TSA and flies from Georgia to Tokyo




“Well, its name is ‘Kindness’, I had that engraved on the barrel…”

“I’ve made a note sir. We’ll let you know if it turns up, and we’ll alert the gate at your destination as well… you’re flying home to Florida is that correct?”

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Silencers are hard to find cos they’re so damn quiet…

(Countdown until someone attempts to correct this to “Suppressors”… :woozy_face: )


Silencers are the Scotch™ Magic Invisible tape of the gun world.


At least he didn’t have a Reason.


Small scissors are OK but not a tiny thread cutter pendant.


Wow…so I shouldn’t have thrown them out…I didn’t know that.


um, this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY, the tsa fails 95% of weapons tests

has nothing to do with the shutdown, the TSA is puppet theater since day one

everyone has forgotten already? everyone complacent and allows themselves to be groped for no reason? that was record time sheeple, remember when there were protests during holiday season but not for years now

these aren’t well educated college grads doing security, they are high school dropouts working the machines and given responsibility way over their head - there is also a large amount of theft, harassment and turnover in the tsa


First it’s the mad scientist who can’t get his hands on mutated anthrax, then the mad Grad Student!

When will it end?


Apparently it was a woman according to the japanese sources I’ve seen reporting on it:


“You’re right. I should have set it to ‘whip’ or ‘chop’”.


But the good news is that he didn’t have a nail clipper.


This. So much this. The TSA spends all its effort searching for things like water bottles and explosives in shoes, which does nothing to improve security but everything to inconvenience travelers. We need to dissolve this arm of the police state.


I keep a pair in my first aid kit. Good to know that they’re okay. (Assuming that the rules are enforced non-arbitrarily.)


Well fine there goes the rest of my day, time to go read it again.


Japanese security staff at Fukuoka airport spotted this in my wallet on the scanner the other week:

Smaller than a credit card. They asked me to take it out, examined it then gave it back. Professional, efficient and very polite - I know where I prefer travelling.


It sounds like he realized it before he got onto the flight, which is lucky for him, because while the TSA might not have harsh penalties for him, Japan would. And Japan wouldn’t even be the most harsh. I believe some Asian countries have a death penalty for gun smuggling. Wouldn’t be nice to arrive in Singapore with a gun.


My wife carries a big (4" blade) folding knife in her purse. Makes her feel safe. Anyway, she texts me from the airport after taxiing there from home, telling me she forgot it was in her purse and asking me what to do about it. I tell her to find a place at the airport to mail it home. This is a high quality Benchmade knife I bought her, well over $100 to replace.

Eventually she gets around to telling me she is already through the security checkpoint. Facepalm! She ended up mailing it back from her destination. I have no idea how they missed such a full-size folding knife in the scan.


While I don’t have hard data to back this statement up, I speculate some of these “lost” fire arms were part of straw purchases and they know their friend or cousin or whomever has it. But when confronted with why they no longer have it in possession, they simply say it must have gotten lost. (When I get time I will read the PDF you link, maybe they expand on this.)

Though the other side of that would be maybe people at a skeet/rifle/pistol range who somehow when loading up everyone’s stuff left a gun on the rack. Similar would be it’s dark, you’re dressing a deer, and you left your rifle leaning up on tree when you drove off (I know someone who found a rifle that way.) Another would be leaving a pistol in the bathroom with all the CCW. One would think with the $$$$ and paperwork associated with some of those items (machine guns and silencers) people would be more careful, but peoples’ lives are on their phones now and they get lost lost all the time (also wonder in these two areas if they are cops or manufacturers.) Still out of ~80,000,000 owners a bit over 9000 lost is a really low rate (.011%)

And of course all those tragic, tragic boating accidents…

Clerical error where it wasn’t properly labeled?


Don’t even get me started on the Death Ray Ban. First off, it’s a molecular discombobulator which has many peaceful uses, including carving your portrait into the moon. Second, technically the sun is also a death ray. It’s called melanoma.