TSA: photo of real gun hidden in a toy police officer kit


“Luckily they don’t have X-ray machines, my plan is foolproof!”? I mean, what kind of plan is this?


Isn’t checked baggage hand searched, do they get x-ray checked too?
If this was in carry-on then yea, WTF?

According to the intagram discription this was in checked baggage. Which is doubly weird, cause its perfectly alright to travel with a firearm in your checked baggage privided your licensed and fill out the propper paper work.


OMG. That’s so much work to hide it to check it in when all you need to do is put it in a box with a lock.

Yep, they xray nearly all checked luggage and then follow up with hand if needed.

It is not that weird that someone who thought this was a good idea would not think to find out that they could legally declare and transport a firearm via checked luggage.


You can only legally declare it if you legally own it and registered it.

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See, I thought the article was about a photo of a real gun being included in a toy kit (the photo that is). Which is of course also very dangerous in the same way that t-shirts with pictures of guns on them are dangerous.


There is no known way to require registration or proof of ownership in the US where registration is only law in a few cities and/or states, especially when in transit where the federal law permitting firearms in air travel overrides any and all local bans or registration. Travelling with a firearm even exempts the bag from TSA examination once checked and sealed in the presence of the traveller, the broken handgun trick is sometimes used by photographers to keep expensive camera components from being stolen by TSA.


There isn’t some national Stolen Gun Registry they would check it against before affixing the seal?

If the local police who received the report sent it up to the national database, which assumes they are actually participating in that program(I recall participation below 50%), and they didn’t let it slide after a few renewals which usually requires the police to send the victim the form and info in time to re-register it as stolen at each renewal, and assuming the airlines had the time or inclination to call and do the check, then they would still also need permission as I believe it is a police resource and not a publicly acessable database.
Simply put a firearm is for many legal purposes like a SCUBA tank or a chainsaw, transportation by mail is regulated and it is considered a weapon, but it is personal property and doesn’t face constant checking of legal ownership, which cant really be proven in most cases without a purchase receipt from a licensed commercial gun dealer. Unless there is some sort of suspicious cause nobody investigates because it is a normal part of the job, like Walmart sometimes you deal with blue jeans, sometimes you checkout a customer buying a shotgun.

I think the seal is a lock provided by the traveller which is not unlockable by airport staff or TSA to close a hard sided secure case, it protects the firearms from being stolen or misused by corrupt or criminal airport employees and security. Pre 9-11 laws eh’?


You don’t seem to understand. Regulating guns in any way is a violation of our freedoms. Even requiring stolen guns to be reported is. It is not clear whose freedoms are violated by this, except perhaps the same people whose freedoms would be violated if they got caught.

The logic… it burns!


That’s assuming the gun was legal in the first place, and that carrying it was legal in both the place of origin and the destination.

I don’t see a real gun in that image. I see two toy guns - both have orange plastic triggers and orange tips on the barrel. What am I missing?

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Hahaha, what? Of course not.

Not a fan of the TSA’s propaganda machine, especially when they’re using a three-year-old photo of a firearm in checked luggage to help justify their security theater.


As soon as I saw “Jacksonville” I understood…


And you get to, have to, use a real lock, not a BS TSA lock. Because even the TSA knows that when it counts TSA locks are not safe.

(It also seems he painted the trigger orange to match the toy gun - thanks, dude, for helping contribute to kids getting shot because cops with think even toy guns with orange parts are real.)

Edit: @WorkWatchBuyRpt WorkWatchBuyRpt
2012!!! I’ve been suckered. Damn TSA…

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If the person was a convicted felon not allowed to possess a gun they might be wary of any paper trail indicating that they were illegally possessing a gun.

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That was my thought. It could also be that the toy gun disguise was intended for a different thing than the airplane trip. Eg, keeping a gun in a place where real guns are forbidden…