Man with magnet finds underwater safe packed with $100 bills

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Yeah, because there’s a completely logical reason a safe full of relatively recent $100 bills would end up in a lake in Queens that doesn’t involve crime.


Beanie Babies?

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Except for quoting the man saying “They gave it to us …”, the BB author has erased the woman from the picture.

While the man may be the one who literally hauled up the safe, it’s more than clear from the linked AP article that the man and his girlfriend—who has a name: Barbi Agostini—are partners in the endeavor.

For just one example, compare the BB line:

Kane’s next stop is the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC where he hopes to swap at least some of the less-damaged money for crisp bills.

With the linked AP article:

Kane, 40, said he and Agostini, 39, plan to take their soggy money to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington to redeem it, though he acknowledged some portion of the bills will likely be too damaged to recover.

The pair have ideas for spending whatever they end up with, including a new vehicle and upgrades to the equipment they use to produce content.


My dad and his brother found a boat washed up on the beach on Long Island after a severe storm. They had to wait a year for someone to file a claim for it, but they got to keep it in the end.


I’ve watched some interesting magnet fishing vids. Dudes found guns a couple times, once in an Amsterdam canal. They quickly called the cops as they put the gun in a separate bucket away from view, and kept fishing until the police arrived.

One I saw, which happened in England, the cops came, asked about and took the gun, then talked magnet fishing w/him and his crew, and hung around and watched. Dude fished out a second gun, a lockbox fulla jewelry, and a purse, all in front of the cops and a crowd of locals. tophat-eek tophat-wow

What the entire fuck?!


I don’t know… Given how many laws and regulations intended to protect the environment were watered down or downright repealed… Administrative offence? Littering?


Admittedly my only reference is based on “found money” movies (A Simple Plan, for example), but there’s never not someone who isn’t actively looking for sums of cash and it never ends well.

That said, good on them for alerting the authorities. I hope the Bureau of Engraving can replace the damaged currency and that the couple can make use of it.


I’m just here for the follow-up operatic song c.f. ‘I have some slimy hundos but I need cash now…’ modeled after the ingredient song, maybe with a company named S.A. Towjuicowle or something.

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