Magnet Fishing: What’s at the bottom of Van Cortlandt Lake?

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If you like this, search youtube for “mudlarking.”


About 20 years ago, I got a ticket for “vandalism” for magnet fishing off the banks of the Shenandoah. The cop tried to give me a ticket for fishing without a licence, which I had but didn’t have on me as I wasn’t actually fishing, then when he realized that wouldn’t fly, gave me the “vandalism” write up. “Well, I have to give you a ticket for something.” A different cop showed up at court and tried to claim he’d given me the ticket, but that didn’t even get past the prosecutor, who asked for a new trial date so the right cop could lie about the incident, and the judge just threw it out completely when he heard what I had to say about what I had been doing. ACAB.


This is such a bizarre story! “Well, I have to give you a ticket for something.” ACAB, indeed.


" Magnet Fishing is exactly what the title suggests." Is it? It doesn’t involve any actual fish as far as I can tell. So it’s kind of the opposite of what the title suggests.

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I have seen magnet fishers who put the magnet in a strong polythene bag, which makes it easier to keep it clean when it picks up swarf, they did not find anything exciting while I was watching.

I am a magnet fisherman. But I prefer the term magnet angler.


I would love to drag a magnet through the canal or family has lived on since 1936 to retrieve all those tools that have been lost over the years.

But a magnet strong enough to pull up a tool through the muck will end up stuck on the steel seawall.


I mis-read that as “steel sawmill” and thought “how does a sawmill sink in a lake?!?!?”

Clearly, I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

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Even in the UK people keep fishing up guns:


When a friend of Lamford’s pulled a MAC-10 machine gun from a waterway in London, the police advised him not to post video of the discovery to YouTube. “The sort of people who own machine guns shouldn’t be messed with” is a rule of thumb Lamford abides by.

Very possibly more true in Europe than in the US, given just how illegal they are here.


More to the point, the people who throw guns into canals probably don’t want them found.

You can get 8 years just for owning a MAC-10 in the UK, and that’s just for possession, they’ll tack on loads of other stuff for sure. The people that own one here are likely to be the nastiest of the nasty.

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I’ve heard it’s the most effective way to fish for steelhead. Beyond that, you’re probably not gonna catch a fish unless it’s got a leftover lure in its mouth.

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