Man with no fingers on one hand is making his own mechanical prosthetic hand, and it's incredible

So, do that, ok? This is the coolest, go for it!

So delighted, I would love to shake his hand.

Wait, could he go all Ghost in the Shell and make 8 fingers that can articulate backwards or grip function in a single “finger?”

Wait, no wait, how about a giant telescopic middle finger for people who tailgate unsafely?!

No, even better!! Modular fingers! Make a collection! Have a 'live long and prosper" glove/hand/digits/thing.

No even better!!! Detachable “Thumb drive” fingernails!!"

This is the coolest thing I have seen in a minute, how completely right on!

Custom one handed voice to text typing hand with detachable keyboard.

If it could create a vacuum… Then maybe grab pads like you see manufacturing robots enjoying? Anyone know about that stuff? Apply vacuum to a heavy duty balloon full of sand, or whatever and it clenches with plenty friction but very little crushing danger… Make it modular so it can pop on for use, pop off when not Handy, get it, handy!?

Sorry I am too excited, I really like this work.

What about an electrical :magnet: for small parts?





So I’ve studied automata with elaborate hand mechanisms, such as Maillardet’s, and Jaquet Droz’s draughtsman, and I’m really suprised at how much dexterity this guy somehow got from this rig, with what looked like pure mechanics and no electronics- I must have missed something, because this level of individualized movement from just muscle input of a palm stump- that’s ridiculously skilled engineering.

I may be studying his design for a while- I have to have missed something, but it’s really damn elegant.

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My guess is some of the articulation might be controlled by thumb and wrist movements, but regardless of how it’s achieved it does look elegantly done.

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This video shows a bit more of how it’s currently all based off of wrist movement, with individual finger engagement planned in the future with the aid of electronic controls.


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