Manafort gave polling data to Kremlin agent while Russia attacked U.S. elections


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Couldn’t actually read the blog post: too busy Orson Welles clapping for the mouth eyes swap!
Is Rob lurking around here somewhere? I like the warping of the smile to more readily match the expected shapes. Uncannily valleyed.

And, just to say it again: if Clinton had won with this much help from the Russians or Chinese Sean Hannity would be FB live broadcasting stealing tanks from NG armories and ramming them into the Apple store (cuz they’re so lib and and made in China!)


Dolt-45 will ramble on about walls tonight, but meanwhile the walls continue to close in on his garbage-filled regime.





A redaction fail by simply copying the black outs and pasting them elsewhere?



Ho-Lee-shit! These have got to be the most inept, ignorant and uncoordinated people since… Watergate, I guess.


This is even worse than Watergate, methinks. We won’t know for certain for years to come, probably; but the outlook thus far isn’t good.


There was no meeting with Russia
No one important attended the meeting
My son and campaign manager attended the meeting
The meeting wasn’t about the campaign at all - it was about adoption
Of course people being people chatted about the election- but nothing happened
The Russians didn’t interfere in the election
The Russians interfered - but it was maybe 7 social media posts
The Russians had a vast social media presence- but that wouldn’t have any effect
The Russians had a highly targeted social media strategy- but of course they did - there’s no collusion

Our criminal campaign manager shared our highly confidential polling data illegally which the Russians who used it to inform their vast targeted social media efforts to effect the election- but working with a foreign country to effect our election isn’t collusion.

Collusion only involves murder?


I think you’re right. A lot of the Watergate crooks at least had years’ worth of experience in D.C. and some sense of prosecutorial tactics. These guys just seem to be cheap grifters who are slowly realizing that the grift they’ve been trying to run has been leveraged against them for some time, but they have no clue how to change course.

ETA: The craziest part of this is that their tactic seems to be to primarily influence the court of public opinion, which in turn only erodes their credibility and gets them in deeper. I hear the arguments that it may end up being an effective tactic as it does come down to the Senate thinking they need to cut their losses, but once anything becomes public that directly implicates trump I think they’ll run like rats from a sinking ship.



Future movies about this shit will be waaay better. Epic I’d say.


More like Yuuuge!


I guess it’s a new detail, but does this change the big picture one iota?



another domino fell today the mainstream news outlets aren’t covering (yet)


Things we learned today from Manafort’s lawyers’ redaction errors


Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Manafort is still throwing bones to the ruskies. Which is scarier?

  • Mueller sending you to jail for life

  • Putin sending a goon to slip polonium in your tea, your wife’s tea and your kid’s tea


Or as John Oliver called it “Watergate if the entire White House was on bath salts”




They must have some amazing coffee in Madrid…