Putin: Russian state didn't hack U.S. elections, but “patriotically minded” private Russian hackers maybe did


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/01/putin-i-didnt-hack-u-s-ele.html



By the end of the day Fox News will be promoting the Trump Campaign hiring of Russian hackers as an perfectly legal matter of international trade.



They appear to be close to true facts about Russia, so I will say now new things about not know I who did this thing, but maybe it Russian with Patriotic love of United States orange marmolade Komrade president. Yes, that is good idea, work much well.

Trump supporters: “See! Not the Russian… government! Putin shows us the way!”


Regardless of whether or not there is hard evidence of collusion, Don the Con actively and enthusiastically aided and abetted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plot against America. This is the scandal. It already exists—in plain sight.


Right, Putin just asked the hackers to mind their patriotism. S’cool.


Like those Russian troops who just happened to vacation in Ukraine in 2014…


It doesn’t matter one bit if it was the state or private actors. What’s important is that the results of the election were effected by outside influence which brings the legitimacy of the election results in to question.

Then there is this


He must have given a wink worthy of a large venue Vaudeville comedian when he said that.


Perhaps a couple of more of these popcorn balls might be enough; I don’t know.


Evidence will probably be presented soon. Putin is front running.


Intelligence operations have to maintain implausible deniability.


It wasn’t us who killed those civilians … just patriotically minded private citizens.



Trump’s power is scary. He let the Russians into the Ukraine unopposed a year before he even announced for the Presidency!!


Are you saying Putin hasn’t made this claim a few different times before?


I didn’t see any claim of a Trump connection; just mockery of the never terribly plausible and by now not especially new “oh, just some private citizens doing their thing for reasons utterly unrelated to us” denial; which was out in force when ‘patriotic volunteers’ with no doubt wholly coincidental Russian military status and hardware were popping out of the woodwork in one of the more authentic campaigns for self-determination since the CIA’s heyday in Latin America.

Trump certainly doesn’t seem interested in trying to keep the pressure on about that issue; but his support would have been pretty useless when the Ukrainian​ shenanigans started.

(Manafort was apparently doing well by doing good in the area at that time; but purely as a mercenary at that time.)


Stop it, you’re taking away from his ridiculously disingenuous attempt to look clever!


What I’m saying is that Russia’s takeover of the Crimea took place in a world in an essentially Trump-free political environment. So it’s not like we lost the willingness to confront Putin on 20 Jan 2017.


The results of British elections are seriously affected by outside influences like American-for-ownership-purposes Australian Rupert Murdoch, but we don’t talk about that because Murdoch supports the right - even the far-right - side.
The Murdoch (and French-for-tax-purposes) Rothermere Press has gone beyond mere partisanship to telling actual lies on the front pages, yet nothing happens. Double standards apply.

I still maintain that a democracy should be strong enough to withstand foreign pressure and non-military intervention. Where the US system failed was twofold; the media did a very poor job of fact checking on “news”, and so did the institutions of State like the FBI. The FBI and the CIA get paid to investigate stuff like this. They did a poor job.

The question of whether Trump was improperly funded or supported by Russia is a different matter. In the UK, Israel tried to intervene in the election, in support of the Right, via a diplomat - it was exposed and the diplomat was removed.
Again, did the agencies do their job?

Unless Russian hackers actually interfered with voting machines, the election itself was legitimate. The issue is why the State and the media were weak, and why the Democrats preferred a machine candidate.