Management company empties wrong apartment then punishes victim with an eviction notice

Originally published at: Management company empties wrong apartment then punishes victim with an eviction notice | Boing Boing

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Horrible. This man deserves to live rent free for at least the next 10 years. If his lawyer is good, one way or another he has a good chance of that happening.


Is there any profession lower than property management companies? F-ing parasites.


Yeah, he was apparently living there in violation of the lease agreement (he was subletting from the former tenant but the lease doesn’t allow subletting), but that does not make it ok in any way, shape, or form to clean out his apartment and throw everything away, especially since the management company was not aware he was in violation of the lease. “Oops, our bad, but we should have known to evict you, too, so this is really your fault” is a terrible defense strategy. They should offer him the replacement cost of all his possessions and be done with it.


Even then, subletting is the responsibility of the person doing the subletting, not the resident. They didn’t sign any agreements with the owner, by definition. Even Texas has laws about the rights of residents to resolve these issues without eviction.


Of course. I suspect the management company is trying to argue that they didn’t have a duty to protect his property since his name wasn’t on the lease, but that’s just not how that works.


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