Negligent Airbnb host is a scammer's dream

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I think nightmare tenants stories are just as common as nightmare landlord ones… …it’s just when a tenant is a nightmare, it’s money and inconvenience (sometimes massively so)…

…but when it’s a nightmare landlord, that’s someone’s primary home and shelter.

I’m a landlord and I get that fact.


Yep that scans.


That’s because when a landlord has a nightmare tenant they just pay buckets of money to make the problem go away. It’s a business arrangement, and doesn’t really make the news.


As someone who doesn’t live in California some of what is being stated doesn’t exactly make sense. If the residence isn’t approved for occupancy how is the county / state allowing her to stay, or how have they not forced the owner to bring it up to code?


The article is behind a paywall, and I’m not going to subscribe to the LA Times just to read it. Based on what’s said there BB article, though, it sounds like this landlord made an honest mistake and is more paying for it. The tenant may not technically be in the wrong from a legal standpoint, but she seems pretty reprehensible from a moral standpoint.

I’d be far more inclined to have some sympathy for her if she wasn’t refusing to pay rent and refusing to allow the maintenance that it sounds like may be necessary to get it up to code.


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