Management hires hitmen to murder workers before they can unionize

The Freemasons ain’t what they used to be. I’ve met quite a few who are very open to bragging about being a member. I expected intellectuals and I found tow truck drivers. I’m not trying to generalize, but these particular folk were definitely open to shady side business.


This is no way to dispel the myths about Freemasons, y’all.

Although maybe the fact that they botched it helps.

I’d hire the Shriners, but driving up in a tiny car wielding a scimitar isn’t very effective.

[dammit, @Dioptase1 beat me to the punch.]


The tiny tire tracks across the victim are usually a give-away.


just to clarify: the first source is from luxembourg, the second source is french. the city referenced is in France.

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I was going to say that I bet Terry Pratchett had an answer to the above, but you implicitly beat me to it, I think.


“First they came for the trade unionists. But they botched it, so I didn’t need anybody to speak for me.”


And the warrior met coal mine is just running people over. United Mine Workers Strike in Alabama Fails to Make National News


You don’t clandestinely assassinate trade unionists. You just have the cops murder them in the streets. How else are you supposed to prove your tyranny and make an example?


Interesting coincidence. I’m wrapping up work on a short story of a anarcho-capitalist cyberpunk future where the primary plot is about management taking out a hit on an employee (though for a more stupid reason than unionizing).

Somebody’s been putting too much effort into defictionalizing Max Barry novels.

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