Manhattan stereotypes subway map


It’s not actually very good. Very repetitive and simplistic. Or perhaps that’s what Manhattan is like these days.

No, it’s actually staggeringly accurate and hilarious.

I’m saddened by nothing for ol’ 157 on the 1. I expected at least “Audubon’s old farm. No, really!”

Yeah, so many missed opportunities. Nothing to say about Harlem even.

I am disappointed in how mild the judmental-yness of this is, I had much higher expectations.

This seems more like the person had a good idea for about 10 stops, and then copy & pasted the rest based on what they heard from a friend about a stop. For instance, the WTC-area stops should have at least said something about people leaving for New Jersey. Instead, we get “Bankers, Lawyers, and Lost Tourists.”

I thought that was where he was buried and that his farm was in the Bronx.

Naw, his farm was basically at 157th where you get off the West Side Highway, where the Academy of Arts and Letters is now ( he’s got a whole street up there named for him and everything.


Looks like it was made by a white guy who works in an office by day and doesn’t do anything but drink and get dragged along by occasionally sober dates to things he hates like indie films and the opera.

I mean, 86th and Lex gets the “Actual things to do” label? What is there to do there other than visit giant chain retail stores?

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You mean - Manhattan stereotype subway map made by a Manhattan stereotype?
Excellent simile, by the way.


The Met? Museum Row?

It’s also in context, there’s nothing north or south of it of any value other than housing.

you mean like this?

Tot homines, tot sententiae.

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