Manifold - a pad a 100 origami puzzles

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I have printed the PDF, cut them out, made the first two right away, read the Amazon reviews and bought it. The next two remained easy but were interesting. The 5th one is still challenging me, but I’ve only spent a couple of minutes at it yet. My mind keeps wandering to 3D solutions even though I know the final answer is flat. Looking forward to this, thanks.

I actually started writing an algorithm to solve them…

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'twas @Ericb, in the discussion of the puzzle with the wooden square in the cloth bag:


You’re welcome for that comment on the other article. My job is done here. :sunglasses:


Thank you, Eric! :slight_smile:


We’ve been doing these a few at a time at restaurant meals with the kids. We’ve gotten through about 27 so far. They’re a lot of fun, and they do get progressively harder. I really wish they didn’t have such a large border around the edges - it makes some of the folds unnecessarily difficult to line up.

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