How do you fit this wooden square inside a smaller cloth bag?

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That’s a very clever puzzle, dead simple too. I was trying to solve it in my head but didn’t get close to figuring it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Me at puzzle demonstration: Hmm…SNAP
Other attendees: GASP
Me: [Easily sliding two pieces of wood into bag] What?


As an amateur origamist, the solution was immediately apparent. Especially since I’ve used this as an envelope/postcard combo. Still, very cool, and likely to flummox people not accustomed to thinking about the weird ways things fold.


That kind of folding a is good way of crocheting a double-thickness potholder as well.


Awesome! More like this please.

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The YouTube video preview image reveals the answer instantly. Those diagonal folds make it all so easy.


I knew the length of the bag had to come into play somehow, but I didn’t see that solution coming.

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I knew right away, too. I don’t think I would have a couple months ago, but since then I’ve mastered a game called Manifold. You get 100 sheets of paper and you have to fold it so one side shows only black and the other shows only white. I got almost all of them without looking up the solution and it completely changed my world when it comes to geometry.


I had no idea Manifold existed and now I really want it. Thanks for mentioning it!


That game looks fun ordering from amazon, thanks for the tip.

I got it right away too, but it is a clever puzzle, and i imagine quite a challenge for someone who doesn’t ahha right away.

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Many moons ago I had a part time job in a picture framing shop, and the owner taught me how I could wrap things diagonally in a piece of paper that wouldn’t fit around them straight. It is a skill that has come in handy through life. And made the solution to this puzzle quite clear to me.


Careful - that might get misinterpreted on a resume.


Manifold…hmmmm…looks good. I’m getting it. Thanks for the tip.

Drove me crazy trying to figure it out…but sooo easy once I saw it !

Like a sandwich wrapped in paper!

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