Map of American people's attempts to guess where North Korea is


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Jesus Christ! Can I get a poll of how many Americans at least know what North means?


There are people who work at National Geographic that don’t know geography well. Just say’n.


It’s north of South Korea, of course.


How many would say “Oliver”, I wonder?


I suspect a fair amount of people screwing with pollsters. While confusing the Vietnam and Korean peninsulas is an understandable mistake, I’m pretty sure the people picking Australia were trolling.


I have to wonder about those people who labeled South Korea as North Korea.

But not nearly as much as those who labeled Australia as North Korea.


I noticed a few spotted New Jersey as NK, I kinda have to agree with that logic.


This map only shows Asia and Australia. How many people would have put North Korea in New Jersey, or Ontario, or some other even wronger place?


I didn’t know specifically where it was and using an educated guess i pretty much nailed the location. However looking at the world map online and looking at the location of certain countries i’m reminded of the geography i don’t know (So that’s where Taiwan is!). Granted my mind seemingly retains certain knowledge real easy while i immediately forget others, i am certain that by the end of the work day i will have forgotten where Taiwan is… again.


I would agree that it is a potential axis of evil.


Not really. There’s not knowing geography well, and then there’s this shit.


You mean like Yankee ?


Exactly not knowing where a country is is one thing. Not knowing where a continent is another. Also there are a couple dots are in the middle of the f’ing ocean. North Korea is not a body of water. America has not labeled Mermen terrorists…yet.


“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


Um, a number closer to 0% than to 10%, would be my guess. 90% would probably say North is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter.

Also, only 53% of those with post-graduate degrees could locate North Korea on a map?!??!!! Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell?! No wonder we elected Donald Trump. Idiocracy is real.


Countries are where I want them to be. Dammit!


Presuming they didn’t talk to anyone who actually remembers who Mr. North was.