Map of how England and Wales is aging


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That sliver looks like a cock and balls. Shenanigans!


It’s the way of things. Cities are more attractive for young people.

I’m sure most of those older areas voted for Brexit in part to “keep the immigrants out.” Who do they think will be willing to move to the sticks and care for them in their old age?


Surely “England and Wales are aging”?



There’s a similar yellow spot at Catterick garrison, surrounded by the orange and red of rural North Yorkshire.


Circuits are the six distinct geographical regions which England and Wales are split into for the practice of law.

The Judicial System of England and Wales: A visitor’s guide

(Emphasis added.)


I think when speaking of the legal jurisdiction “England and Wales is…” is correct.

The guide you link to is written for non-lawyers and non-pedants and depending on how charitable you want to be either gets it wrong or takes advantage of the fact that the countries and the jurisdiction overlap to use the more natural sounding “are” rather than confuse readers and prompt loads of messages pointing out their mistake (hah- as if anyone other than you and me and whoever the other two people to click on the link are have ever read that document). :slight_smile:

The map is presumably referring to the two countries so “are” would be right.


“England and Wales” can be both singular and plural depending on context. The question would generally be “can you justify your context as a legal or constitutional one?” – say, census data – but even that’s vague so who cares.


What about Scotland and Northern Ireland?


Rob’s reply (implying that technically/administratively “England and Wales” can be considered a singular unit) aside, you are perfectly correct, grammatically. Everyday speech and informal writing (such as this) would always use the plural, simply to avoid sounding/reading wrong.


… England and Wales are aging.


Knock yourself out :slight_smile:

TL:DR - They’re getting older too.

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