Map of The Open Country of Woman's Heart, ca. 1830


Well, I now have the map for my next D&D campaign.


Where is the Gulf of Reality?


The fickle wench hath again exiled me to the Region of PLATONIC AFFECTION!


For some reason this reminds me of Jonathan Swift’s “A Gentle Echo on Woman”, which includes such choice lines as:

Shepherd. Lord, what is she that can so turn and wind?
Echo. Wind.
Shepherd. If she be wind, what stills her when she blows?
Echo. Blows.

I’m sorry to say it gets worse.

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I now kinda want to see the XKCD version of this map.

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“Pete, it’s a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.”


The book “A KÖNYV KOMÉDIÁJA” (“A Book’s Comedy”) by István Ráth-Végh has many similar books desribed, like “Carte du Tendre” (Map of Tenderland). Not sure if it was ever translated into English though, I’ve read it in Russian.

Surprised that Land of Oblivion’s offshore area isn’t marked as “Hic Sunt Mansplaining.”

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