Map shows you if leaves are falling without you having to leave house or approach window

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Now there is no reason to turn my neck to watch outside the window, now I can concentrate all my attention on my computer. HURRAY!

I love these maps. They help me plan my hiking trips.

normally at this time of year we’d be in the “partial” zone. But this year we’re barely patchy. So take this map with a grain of salt.

Twenty years ago I didn’t know a dandelion from pigweed. Over the years not only did I learn a huuuge number of plants, but also an appreciation for the care and husbandry involved.

It was wonderful today when me and my mates walked past some plants on the way to the antique shop and one asked, “what is that one”

“Amaranth, decorative amaranth. Checkout the fuckin’ blooms!”. And we both marveled at how cool it was.

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It would be helpful if the data were weighted to account for the density of deciduous trees in each county. “Peak foliage” doesn’t mean much in Nevada.

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