Marathon runner disqualified for chain-smoking during race

This mid-race toileting thing reminds me of the Boston Rowing Marathon, a 30 mile rowing race in the UK. I was assistant coaching a girls’ crew.

They asked what happens if you need to go during the race. The head coach said to get a good time, you don’t stop, you just wee in the boat.

Just be careful how you loft it out of the water at the finish.


It opens up space, but there are disadvantages

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I get that it’s probably not very pleasant for the competitors near him, but they didn’t seriously think he was in with a chance of winning, did they?

Yep. As a matter of fact, someone keeps pooping on the bike trail near our house and just leaving it. I don’t really care about the act of dropping trow and pooping. When you gotta go, you gotta go. But they just leave it there, like a symbol of their contempt for the social contract. There’s poo-bags every 100 ft or so.

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Ugh, yeah. So many bars and cafes had two sections: “smoking” and “chain smoking”.

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