Marc Kasowitz, tapped as Trump's private attorney in Russia probe, also represents Russia's largest bank


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I have to appreciate that Trump is either (or both) too stupid or too arrogant to even attempt to cover up nefarious behavior and suspicious associations. Even if he were completely innocent of every damn thing he’s suspected of, he’s done himself no favors in how he conducts himself and who he chooses to surround himself with.



I think I’m starting to see a patern here. :thinking:



has anybody heard Kaspersky has special-secret agreement to be kept out of the media in all this? i mean is this getting more to the meat of the matter?


Kind of what I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be a good move to pick a lawyer who is famous for suing Russians? There must be one out there. But the popular vote loser isn’t known for making good moves. Not at all.


Kaspersky? I thought they were the company that produces an anti-virus that actually works because it doesn’t have any NSA-mandated backdoors? Am I missing something?



of course he did. to the surprise of no one.


Guess who works at Kasowitz firm, surprise, it’s a potential FBI chief:

Joe Lieberman


It’s like he’s not even trying anymore…


Oh, he’s trying, believe me, very trying!


Who knew trying would be so hard? Nobody! No other politician, and I can say this with surety, has ever tried this bigly before in the history of the world.


Nobody has told Trump about Warren Hastings.

Russians prefer to sue one another in the English courts, which are regarded as uncorruptible [!} [!] :weary:. English lawyers don’t have standing in the US.


This is interesting punctuation.
An understandable mistake, yet somehow akin to a Freudian slip.
But it begs the question: what is the underlying meaning of this imperfectly contained mark?
Is it so great as to burst it’s shell? Or is the shell embarassed to conceal such an amazing outburst?
Or is it all too meta? (Meta-meta?)


It doesn’t beg the question. However, the explanation is this; I removed my finger too slowly from the shift key after typing the ! (on a British keyboard). And because I didn’t have my glasses on I didn’t notice.



Or perhaps he’s banking on the GOP (lubbed up by promise of $$$/favors) to cover his butt in the belief that enough of the voting public don’t come to the conclusion that they– the GOP – were stupid enough to back the ‘wrongest’, most twisted horse in the history of mankind.