Margot Kidder, "Lois Lane," RIP


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And as apt as a “bye-bye, baby” gif from Superman 2 would be, I won’t post it; because I enjoyed & respect Ms. Kidder’s work.


I was shocked by this because I could have sworn she was already dead.

Then I remembered that Margot Kidder and Carrie Fisher are two different people. Come on, brain.

(I can really picture Margot Kidder wielding a flame thrower in The Blues Brothers in my head)

Oh well, say hi to Carrie, Margot.



And to Chris, as well.

As he will always be my Superman, Margot Kidder will always be my Lois Lane.


Thanks! I put that in the post.


To me, I thought she was younger than 69.


Karen Allen is always the one I got confused with Margot Kidder.


I really liked her as the drunken Barb in ‘Black Christmas’ (1974).


I am so bad at telling people apart that I once confused a bald Indian man with a white beard who I had never met for a black-haired white man with no beard who I work with occasionally.

That part of my brain is just plain miswired.


Okay, at least I’m not that bad.

On this one I think it was “pretty white lady with brown hair, and similar noses”.

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