RIP Karen Black


So many great movies she’s been a part of. I think I’ll especially miss Faye Greener and Marian Rolf.

One of my favorites of her movies is “Plan 10”. She plays one of the wives of Brigham Young, who is also a space alien. Very strange low budget comedy.

My deepest condolences to her friends and family. She is and always will be a Lady in our memories and our hearts.

I’ll always remember her from the 3 act horror movie “Trilogy of Terror.” The only story I remember out of the 3 is the tiny little Which Doctor doll that terrorizes her. I was 15 at the time but that one really stuck with me.

She made a good go at life, for sure. 1954 enters Northwestern University at 15 and left two years later starting appearances on TV, never looked back. Good for her. Way to go Karen. Sadly missed.

Karen was in a -whole lot- of shows (IMDB lists 194 titles) among them some personal favorites. I always enjoyed her ability to be versatile, take big risks, and make it work - better than many could even wish to.

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