Rosemary's Baby and the era of Satanic panic

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50 years!? That makes me feel so damn old.


When you have a feeling you try to find reasons for it in the world. And it’s hard to prove a negative. Do you actually know what’s on the other side of that townhouse wall? The panicked walk among us.


“I’ll get you a satanic mechanic!”
– Dr. Frank N. Furter


Another wave of panic looms on the horizon.

Great! (rubbing hands in glee) How do I cash in?


My then GF, later partner, came down to visit her sister for a Halloween party in the early eighties. I drove her back to my house. She did not remember the rest of the evening clearly. But several months later she found out she was pregnant from that evening. The baby was due to be born on Friday 13th July.

The baby was two days late.

Why do you promote works of convicted child rapist?

The book by Ira Levin was a very big deal before the movie even come out.


Good movie overall but man the satanic shit was less scary than the husband just fucking her while she was unconscious. I found the attitudes a bit disturbing.


I find this hard to believe. A baby conceived on Hallowe’en would be due on August 1st. I am sorry if your friend was sexually assaulted at a party and it resulted in pregnancy. But what does it have to do with Satan?

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Ah, the era of Satanic panic. I remember well how it led to packed pews every Sunday.:angel: There were so many movies parents and pastors tried to keep kids from watching, so of course my friends and I couldn’t wait to see them! :innocent:


I rely on looking like a satan worshiping lumber jack and cranking doom metal from my minivan to keep the other humans at bay. Im pretty proud of how many play dates and birthday parties we don’t have to endure.

Another satanic panic would really up the potency of my brand. I’m for it.


Hmm. Your calculations check out. Weird.

I am not making this up. I was responsible for the baby. This was one of the due dates we were given based on Wendy’s last known period (they could be pretty irregular) and modified by the baby’s size. It did correspond pretty closely with the actual delivery date. This was in 1983-4, and it is hard to remember the facts. I think it was Wendy who calculated backwards that it must have happened after the Halloween party. She is no longer with us to ask.

Bother. That was a perfectly good story until you came along. :slight_smile:

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Oh. I forgot to reply to the second half of your post.

In the book (I haven’t seen the film, and it may not be in that) Rosemary’s baby was conceived after a Halloween party, and was due on Friday the 13th July.

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I was too young to see the movie until it was being re-run for Halloween movie marathons. HOWEVER, while watching it as a fully mature adult, I was struck by the parallels to creepy old Baby Boomers constantly sniffing around the youths for new sexual partners:
Boomer: “Here, drink this!”
Not Boomer: “What is it?”
Angry Boomer: “JUST DRINK IT!”


With Lee van Cleef? Sold!


A person may be awful, but their works might be wonderful. If we got rid of every piece of art just because the creator was an awful person, we’d have very little art. It’s possible to hate the creator and loathe them for who they are, while appreciating the amazing and valuable work they’ve brought into the world.


A person may be awful, but their works might be wonderful.

I do struggle with this. Most recently it turns out the Disney remix artist pogo turned out to be a homophobic dick-hole troll. I decided to never give him money or attention.

I can still enjoy Enders game but probably not give that author any more money but I also think his later books would be hard to deal with.

Really it’s a big mixed bag.

For the record on Pogo:

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