Richard "Jaws" Kiel, RIP


Add him to the list of people I already thought had died. Maybe I’m the dead one.


My wife and I were in a hospital room while she was undergoing a lot of painful yet ineffective contractions during her first pregnancy. This movie was playing on the TV in the room for some unknown but ultimately sensible reason.

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He may be best known for going up against James Bond, but a glance at his IMDB page shows a long list of varying roles (many, sadly, uncredited). I even distinctly remember the episode of The Fall Guy he was in, although he always looked so different to me without the silver teeth I didn’t realize it was “Jaws”.

He was also in Skidoo. I guess that movie really did have everyone.

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I did not know that was him in “To Serve Man.” I thought it was Ted "Lurch’ Cassidy.

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One of my favorite restaurants has a picture on the wall of Kiel visiting there.

Loved him as Jaws, I was just at that right age to really be taken in by those movies. Then later enjoyed seeing him pop up in Happy Gilmore, he’s actually running in the movie!!

RIP, see ya next time I’m getting BBQ!

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IIRC he also wore metal teeth in Silver Streak which precedes the Bond films. I also remember him from Flash and the Firecat; it was the late movie one night when I was 12.

Let’s not forget the most repulsive thing the guys from MST3K ever experienced:

RIP in your cave of ancestors, big fella


Also co-author of the 2007 biography Kentucky Lion, about abolitionist Cassius Marcellus Clay (1810-1903).
His co-author was Pamela Wallace, screenwriter and producer (Witness [1985].

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