Jim Kelly, 1970s karate film master, RIP


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeoUSI9Y9cU Cool karate man Jim Kelly who starred in such films as “Enter the Dragon” and “Blackbelt Jones” died his weekend. He was 67. Above, Kelly give some nasty cops the what-for in “Three The Hard Way” (1974). (via Los Angeles Times) READ THE REST


That “oooyyeeeeeeeeee” at about 3:14 needs to become the next wilhelm.


Blackbelt Jones is utterly hilarious.

“W…who is it?”

“I’m batman M-Fer.”



I miss the 70s.


“No cause of death was disclosed.”

It wasn’t complications of VD, was it :wink:


Clearly that fight scene was not choreographed by Bruce Lee.


Those cars! You could launch a Predator drone off hoods that long.


I’ll be too busy lookin’ good.



Homage from the 80s


Been toying with the idea of a new ringtone.

Blackbelt Ringtone

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