The kung fu brilliance of Lau Kar-Leung

Originally published at: The kung fu brilliance of Lau Kar-Leung | Boing Boing


Great overview of Lau Kar Leung’s best martial arts films. There is so much more than just 36th Chamber. My Young Auntie is a personal favorite. He directed most of Drunken Master II before Jackie Chan took it over.

Not mentioned in the video, he also directed Tiger on the Beat, the greatest “opposite buddy cops” movie ever.


“8 Diagram Pole Fighter” is such a great title.

Anyone remember the name of a kung fu flick where the hero battles his way across China to avenge an Imperial killing or something, then gets killed by an assassin who draws a human figure on his hotel room door and shots the hero dead in the head? All I know for sure was it was made in the 70s.

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