Check out this amazing James Bond "Moonraker" prop and model collection

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Check out this video about the actor who played Jaws.


Definitely one of the more bonkers Bond films. (Of course, aren’t they all?)

Watching it as an adult now, it plays like at the height of the cold war Space Weapon scare the makers of Bond got really drunk and then went to see Star Wars in the theater. Came home, wrote a script with laser blasters and space marines, and then passed out on the typewriter.


Originally, 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me was to be followed in 1979 by For Your Eyes Only (the closing credits for TSWLM even said as much), with Moonraker following that in 1981. But when Star Wars became an unexpected hit, the producers decided to strike while the iron was hot, and the production order of the last two movies was switched.


I was a teen when somebody pointed out that every Bond movie is satire.



Good to see my old friend Alan still up and about, just wanted to let him know he’s forgiven for kidnapping my first wife. Cheers, Alan!

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best bond film is “Spy who loved me”. Hands down.

Growing up, I think the one I was most familiar with was “A view to a kill”. Gah. I tired of that film.

The space battle was pretty poor, tbh. But Drax was the best villain, so snarky.


I didn’t like that one at the time, but in re-visiting it relatively recently I found I enjoyed it, due to its pure encapsulation of so much '80s. (And probably due to a greater ability to appreciate accidental camp.)

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This line does deserve more attention:


In that space suit James Bond looks like a member of Major Matt Mason’s crew - minus the US flag insignia.


Pretty cool music in the video. But all that talking in the background was annoying.

The International Spy Museum in DC had a lot of James Bond stuff at one point. Cars, gadgets, Jaws’ chrome teeth, the golden gun. It was a pretty cool experience if you were a James Bond fan.

Then what is ‘The Spy Who shagged Me’ supposed to be? Double mindblown.gif


Or Casino Royale?

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