Own Kelly LeBrock's Weird Science studded jacket


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You know some asshole is going to buy this so he can hook it up to his Memotech computer, hack into the Pentagon and try to make his own Kelly LeBrock. It will end badly, sequels are never better than the originals.


Darnit, that’s just a little over my budget for studded jackets this month.


No worries, headgear is much more important.

Wow, the sellers are asking $35k. That’s a higher number than I’d have thought they’d be tossing off.


First movie vfx I ever worked on – very junior member of the team – we did the shot where the cars disintegrate into coarse pixels and lightning. We crudely match-modeled the cars and made them disappear by random polygons. By matching (somewhat) the planes of the car we got the polygons to look like they were in the perspective of the car, which at the time I thought was pretty slick. The camera was locked off so no camera tracking necessary (or feasible :smiley: ) - Rendered it as a matte and combined it with hand-drawn lightning on an optical printer at rga.com in Manhattan.

Wanted the ‘growing boobs wire-frame’ shot but didn’t get it. All that hands on research wasted. Oh, well.


for ceremonial reasons ; )

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It will end badly.

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I can’t fault her for looking older and heavier after 30 years. Heck, I’m in that boat as well. Her only questionable life-choice that I’m aware of was to marry Steven Seagal.


What do you mean, it will end badly? She looks great. She is working that fabulous red dress. Surely you’re not making fun of her looks, are you? Why? What’s your point, except to be childishly cruel with a side of heaping sexism?

What SHOULD she look like, in your eyes? Do you think women only exist to turn you on? Should older women who don’t look 100% perfect (in your eyes) not dare to wear fabulous, sexy red dresses? Why are you the end-all-be-all of what a woman should look like, anyway?

This wasn’t about what the actress looks like now. Women don’t just exist to make your dick hard.

It was about the jacket she wore in Weird Science. Stay on topic.

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Never really liked Weird Science; most of Hughes’ movies haven’t aged well for me (even Sixteen Candles has the Long Duk Dong problem), but this was the first one that I felt uneasy about watching at the time, since its basic premise is that these guys are using their genius to build an attractive woman that will fuck them. Bill Paxton and Robert Downey, Jr. steal the show, even though they’re supposedly the bad guys. I liked the “mutant bikers” scene with Vernon Wells and Michael Berryman, but even that was spoiled by Anthony Michael Hall using “your faggot friends” as an insult.

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