Auction: Kelly LeBrock's studded leather jacket from Weird Science

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First movie I ever worked on. We modeled 3D low poly versions of the cars, subdivided them into small triangles, and deleted the triangles in a randomized wipe, so that the effect would seem dimensional. The actual compositing took place on an optical printer, on film.

Also the lightning was hand animated by the same guy who did the Predator suit malfunction sparks.


It grieves my heart I could never squeeze my bulk into that jacket. Not even in my svelte youth.


It’s my birthday next week. HINT


I wonder if anybody could as gracefully toss off that jacket as Kelly.

No intended slight towards production workers on the movie (hands-on film production is hard work, with little recognition), but my personal opinion is that Weird Science was one of the biggest Brat Pack turds ever to be laid in Hollywood.

Am I alone in this opinion?

See also: St. Elmo’s Fire

As an 80’s kid practically reared on John Hughes movies, I’ll bite: what was it that made it so bad to you?


Second. I still love it.


Hmm. Largely instinctual, so I’ll have to parse it out. I’ll formulate a response later.


Okay, I was just wondering what made that particular film so bad, out of all the teen movies JH made.

I don’t disagree about St Elmo’s Fire, btw; I’m still not sure why some people like that one.

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I’m going to search it out and rewatch in a bit, to try and pick out exactly what I didn’t like about it.

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I see what you did there.


Wow, that’s really cool, and even cooler that you were the one who worked on it and are sharing it with us here. Thanks.

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There are some things that Heritage is listing that I crave. The door handles from the Giger bar, as an example.

Thank you.

I was one of the ones – and the junior-most one.

I’m probably going to eventually break down and see that one simply because of how thoroughly the song has embedded itself in my consciousness.

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Ally Sheedy, primarily. And a weakness for cheesy saxophone solos.

I must have lost an hour tonight looking at all the listings. The Alien facehuggers and Star Wars concept sketches are pretty amazing but I think Seinfeld’s puffy shirt might be my favorite.

I thought it was huge fun. The scene where Chet was turned into a giant turd creature (or whatever that was) was LMAO funny. Chet worked for it, then he got what he deserved.


Same here; it was just a silly movie that was fun to watch… what kid hasn’t wanted a genie* at some point?

* (Which is basically what Lisa was, albeit a digitally engineered one…)