Marianne Faithfull and Joan Baez sing "As Tears Go By" in Dylan's hotel room, 1965

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There’s a lot of talent in that room. And Joan Baez.


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Joan got stereotyped in the early days as a strict, pure folky. But her sense of fun shines through.

I’d argue that she got better when she did more contemporary covers, and writing songs herself.when she started pergorming, not only was folk the big thing, but as a woman, she probably wasn’t allowed to strap on an electric guitar.

She’s probably the only woman to write songs about her husband in prison because of pacifism. David’s Song and Fifteen Months, are the key ones. But she did other songs that had meaning when you knew her stance against war.

She wrote about her sister, Janis Joplin, and her son Gabe. They are all good songs.


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