Marianne Faithfull's upcoming "She Walks in Beauty"

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Just for consistency, y’all might edit this piece so that her name is everywhere rendered as “Faithfull”.


Yikes. Fixed. Thanks.

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I still have my vinyl copy of ‘Broken English’, and it has to be said that Ms Faithfull’s voice had suffered from years of smoking even back then. As long as she can continue to produce new recordings as a spoken-word artist, I’m more than happy to continue to buy and listen to them; she’s following the likes of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Kate Nash, and it’s the emotion and meaning conveyed by the voice that matters, not necessarily it’s tunefulness - there are plenty of beautiful tuneful voices completely empty and devoid of soul and meaning.

Hope she does great with this, but isn’t this very similar to the Of Love and Hope album released with the late 80s show Beauty and the Beast, where Ron Perlman as Vincent reads poetry over and between classical music scores from the series? He even reads She Walks in Beauty on it.

Except the headline here in the BBS. According to @orenwolf, Discourse does not propagate post headline corrections to BBS so it has to be done manually.

The grain of Marianne’s voice is what is imprinted in my memory of her. I know very little about Marianne but her voice. Lucinda, Tom, Leonard, Dolly, Dean I would suggest never suffered having their life history in their voice.

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