Marianne Faithfull survives COVID-19 hospitalization, returns home

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Don’t say it in Russian

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22 days? Damn.


Has anyone read anything about quality of life after these long ICU and/or ventilator covid-19 survivors? At 73 she’s got to be in pretty debilitated condition after this. Something to consider for a DNR directive?

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This is the best news in a long time.

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I was listening to an ICU physiotherapist on the radio yesterday, I cannot locate it at the moment but this link has some (more detailed) information about some of the post-treatment recovery requirements.

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blue millionaire

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You’d think that if anyone’s lungs were fucked from smoking, it’d be her.

I mean, just compare her current voice to how it used to sound on this social distancing anthem from the sixties:

She did a song on The Long Black Veil by The Chieftains. We were listening to it in a friend’s car and I checked the CD to see who the singer was because I thought it was Angela Lansbury, who is 22 years older.

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