Long COVID patient cries with gratitude for being able to smell coffee again (video)

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H1N1 killed my sense of smell for over 2 years - Doctor’s MRI’d my head, and concluded it would never come back. Miraculously it did, and it was incredible.
That, unfortunately started a period of dysosmia (smells being jumbled up), where some good things smelled bad, and some bad things, good. I’m actually glad this is happening with covid, because more research on it is being done - whereas when this happened to me, it was just “oh well, sucks to you be”…


Yoda’s bedside manner really needs some work. :wink:

But seriously, I’m really happy you’re (mostly?) back to normal. Other than death, this was my #1 fear of COVID. My kids lost theirs for about 48 hours, which I just had to put out of my mind and hope for the best.

Also: These videos draw tears every time, but one of the things I love the most is hearing the medical staff in the background who are really invested in the patient’s wellbeing. I’ve always marveled at the kind of heart it takes to do their jobs day in and day out. The way they’ve been treated over the past few years is a national disgrace.


I’d had this difficulty for years before my move to Tijuana because of nasal polyps. When I found a doctor who approved long-term prednisone for polyp managment, it was the best day ever when I walked into the bakery and could actually smell the products. I got weepy too, and had a 15-minute conversation with the manager about how important smell is to mental health.

ETA: I just want to send this woman all the sachets and scratch-and-sniff books.


Jebus, I don’t know what happened here - I think I need about 3 more cups of coffee.


Poor lady. Good news!
COVID is a disaster.


Lost mine for about 2 months.

Two positives from that

  1. I was able to clear through our garbage liquor without gagging (freeing up room for better things)
  2. My spouse could put cilantro on things without me complaining

I’ve been without espresso for some months so I think I knows a certain pitch sum


yeah, i lost my sense of taste and smell for almost 7 months due to covid. it wasn’t fun, but i was surprised that i could still tell when things were spicy, sour, sweet, etc. because the tongue does a lot of work in that department. the loss of the sense of smell was the worst part to me, and i really really did miss the smell of fresh-brewed coffee.


Our son has two dogs. In the early days of Covid when everyone was scared he told me that when he walked the dogs he felt a wave of gratitude every time he smelled the doggy do because it meant he was still okay.


Good for her!
I lost most of my sense of smell for 5+ years due to depression, before it came back all at once three days after I got on the right meds. I cried too, over jars of peanut butter and honey. Lost and regained acuity in taste, vision, and touch, too, at the same time. That was quite a week until I got used to it.

Later this year I’m having nasal surgery for lifelong chronic congestion. Who knows, I might have a similar experience again if it works.


I had open rhinoplasty 9 months ago. It’s so nice to be able to reliably breathe through my nose. It runs instead of clogging up during hay fever season but I’ll take it.


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