Marilyn Hartman, stowaway extraordinaire, arrested for 22nd time

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I’ll be thinking of her next time (if?) I ever find myself taking of my shoes and belt and emptying my pockets, etc. 20 years of security theater for the rest of us and this delightful old doll is living her best life.


If I were the secretary of DHS, I would hire her as a penetration tester for the red team. She gets better results than any “terrorist” ever did. (I am excluding the January 6th crowd.)


She wrote of the inequities, Jim Crow- like in jail.

Yeah, somehow I don’t think a 69-year-old white woman who’s gotten away with committing federal crimes more than a dozen times without spending decades in prison is the best authority on Jim Crow oppression.


Well it is theoretically possible that a person with privilege sits down and thinks about their life one day and realizes: Isn’t it a bit strange that people around me have been treated differently than I have?




I can recognize a little of myself in her. As someone with chronic familial (my mom and 2 uncles committed suicide) depression, I have set off on similar “adventures” several times in my life, including a bicycle trek across the southwestern United States in search of a new home.
My parents agonized over this for a long time until they realized most of the time I’m having issues, I still manage to do things in a way to not greatly inconvenience others.

I have looked back on some of the more difficult times in my life, and it becomes apparent how depression can take over the steering wheel of your life whether you like it or not.


I didn’t see the context for her saying that. Was she talking about herself, or the difference she saw between her own treatment and that of other inmats?

Thank you for sharing

I’ve found a lot to lift me up in this community of ‘happy’ mutants and what you’ve shared doesn’t make me happy but it does make me feel better that other people are brave enough to speak of their personal life

I get it


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