Yet another stowaway manages to sneak on plane at San Jose airport


Eyeglasses will no longer be permitted in the cabin to prevent this.


Helen Hayes looks remarkably well preserved for 114.


i know its painful to skim the comments in the mercury news, but worthwhile. They discuss everything BUT? “wow, TSA did not catch this, why do I have to take my shoes off again???”



We salute you, Professional Airplane Stowaway!


I choose to see this as performance art, and not theft of services.


Wow am I glad I stand in line for hours, can not care a bottle of water, get felt up and have to take off my shoes while this person can just waltz on by. Good job TSA.


Looks like Shari Steele’s mom.

What a fabulous woman. She is the Steven Slater of opposite day.

Impossible. This story did not happen. You know how I know? Because airport security is tight, man, tight like a drum. Clearly this story is disinformation planted by terrorists. And she’s one of them, that lady who did not sneak onto all those planes.


She only got through because she doesn’t fit the profile. Which is to say, she wasn’t carrying toothpaste or screaming “Allahu Akhbar!” while she went through security.

I wonder if this is the woman who sprinted off my Southwest flight from SFO-LAX at the last minute last Friday, causing a two-hour delay as the crew had to manually recheck the entire passenger manifest.


The judge apparently agrees - gave her a slap on the wrist and let her go.

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I was thinking of an older Bonnie Hunt.

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Wow. I could almost hear the voices of Dave Bickler and Pete Stacker.

According to the story she didn’t just “waltz on by” but went through the normal security procedures except for bypassing the boarding pass check.

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I’m wondering what her motivation is. Did she have a “midlife crisis” and say, “What have I done in 62 years of life? Taken care of other people, put off my own desires. F- it! I’m going to start travelling. And not just travelling, but flying around to random place for FREE, because I can. Carpe diem and all that.”

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An update: Marilyn Hartman has been arrested again, this time at LAX. She was apparently trying to get home.

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