Mark Rober uses jumbotron to shame texting drivers at San Jose Sharks game

Originally published at: Mark Rober uses jumbotron to shame texting drivers at San Jose Sharks game | Boing Boing


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I’d link to the video, but it probably wouldn’t work. It’s TikTok.


Given how much everyone is laughing, especially the people being “shamed”, I’d say this was unsuccessful at changing anyone’s behavior, but very successful at getting Mark Rober another viral video. Public shaming does not work to change behavior, but it sure is funny I guess.


I hear people are saying great things about Ivermmectin…


It can work, but not in the context of a light-hearted event where everyone is made to feel they’re literally all on the same team.


Rober’s stuff tends to rub me the wrong way, and I think it’s a combination of mocking ‘shaming’ as a tactic, the smug moralizing of Rober’s pranks, and the fact that this rich white dude pretty much exclusively targets people poorer and browner than him (and often teams up with cops to do so) - at least in the glitter bombing and phone scammer videos I’ve seen of his.

Given his technical skills, his sense of entitlement, and his tendency for disregarding folks’ privacy, I imagine that if he weren’t as comfortable and privileged as he is, he’d be one of the phone phishers he mocks in his videos. (Or maybe he’d just be working for the cops instead of with them…)


Yeah, came here to say this as well. With his new Revenge schtick I’m wondering if I want to promote his stuff less to my kids.

Otoh, his video about his boy shows he’s got a heart of gold. I guess it’s an entitled heart of white gold…

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