Mark Wagner's currency collages


Wow these are amazing.

Shouldn’t Ol’ Abe be done up in fives?

This stuff is gorgeous and legal. It is only illegal to deface or destroy money if you do it with the intent to defraud.

I had a friend who was a manager at a grocery store in a smallish town. Once someone sliced up 1s and 20s to get Washington’s picture with $20 symbols to either side. They told the cashier their kids had been playing with the scissors and she accepted the bills. They then turned their original 20s into a bank with the same sob story and got new bills to replace them. That would have been way illegal.

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Is that George Washington making a T-rex hedge clipping or is it a scene out of the game Bioshock: Infinite where he battles the T-rex? Oops, sorry! Spoilers!

Ain’t the Internet grand?


Wow, I never knew that, and came here to compare the artist to Snowden. Nice to hear at least one entity still understands fair use.

No. Then it wouldn’t be so Georgeous.


I came to say the same thing, and tell a similar story. Nothing questionable about it. It’s legal.

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