Marky Ramone sick and tired of people holding up smartphones at concerts


He will only get my Zippo lighter app when he can pry it from my cold dead hands.

Oh, you mean people who use their phones to film the entire concert (and block the view of the people behind them) instead of just experiencing it? Never mind. /emily latella


Whatever Marky-dad…


What’s Marky doing with that Madonna 7"?


You’d think SEYMOUR STEIN would know the answer to that question! :wink:

[edited to add] Also, Seymour, what’s wrong with the label punk? I always wanted to know that!

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Telling people how they ought to appreciate art is so punk!


i was saddened (at first) to see it was a shill spot for his book, then? the more I thought about it? the happier it made me.

Screw these bitch-ass kids with their bright screens blocking the view making their own personal recording.

Swat em.

And get off my lawn!!!


Jack White asked people to not get their phones out on his recent tour and employed a photographer to post pictures of the gig online instead.


I’ve stopped going to concerts and things because of this. The kids can have the lawn.


Almost no one except someone trying to bootleg a show captures the entire concert.

I will take a short video while I’m there. I can 100% guarantee you that my 6’2 body holding the camera well above my head for a minute ruined your concert in any way that people holding up lighters in the '70s did. I know, I was there. Unless it is an iPad held at eye level in front of your face, the only reason you even notice the is that you are pissed off that someone is experiencing the show different than you do.

I fucking hate snobs that think they should be the arbitrator of how one enjoys art.

See, that’s the problem right there. You guys should have to stand at the back. I’m always stuck behind the lanky bastards at gigs :smile:.

I don’t actually have a problem with people taking pictures/videos, don’t do it myself since I never looked at them again afterwards when I did.

I could do without bands having strobe lighting though, that shit gives me horrible headaches.

Could also do without people standing in seating areas. If you want to stand go get GA tickets.


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Yeah, but I’m always there with some hot young short girl. Most of the time, I’m taking photos so others see what I’m doing and maybe I can convince them to come enjoy the music as well. I get notes on my photos telling me Why didn’t you bring me, or Next time I’m going. And we make plans.

As for strobes? Yeah, I’m with you on this. I can’t stand them. Then again, having been on stage, I understand why people use them…its cheap and dramatic.

From my experiences way back when, the lighters only came out when the audience was begging for that encore.

No, clifyt, the reason I dislike your device being held up is that there is a bright light distracting my view and attention - as well as dozens of people other people behind you. It’s selfish. There’s a reason the house lights are brought down and stage lights highlight the performance.


Agree - it’s the screen light as much if not more than actually blocking someone’s view.

Really? Because I’ve never seen a screen brighter than the stage in front of it. And you should be looking at that.

Then again, people use to complain about lighters at concerts a lot. And talked about how distracting they were. The same people that had no problems with those are complaining about screens. That I’ve never taken notice of ever. Then again, maybe its because I’m focusing on the music and not subconciously pissed off that others are doing something different.

See Dawdler’s note. It’s simply annoying to have someone shine that led light at us. It would be an awful lot less so if you would have the courtesy to turn that screen light off. Would you kindly do that for us? Or them, I suppose, since I probably won’t be behind you.

My screen is already dimmed when I’m at a concert. But again, I have NEVER seen a screen that is shining a light at others around them as if it were some sort of bad hacker movie where you get a screen burn from standing in front of it for more than a second or two.

The screen will be almost exact color of the stage, adding to the show – and honestly? I kind like the effect. Again, it reminds me of when the kids would pull out lighters at songs. At the last concert I went to, the singer actually told everyone to hold their phones up and it was beautiful. And yet, not distracting to the band at all other than noticing that he had told us to do so.

Again, my screen is most likely on the dimmest setting without being off, but no one else’s bother me. This is really a matter of perception, not a matter of you being blinded. But keep telling yourself this. It is purely a matter of you upset someone is doing something differently. and I can say this standing behind the mixing crew in the middle of the audience with several huge screens that were brighter than anything else going on…notice it for a few seconds, and then it becomes invisible. Not a single friend with me complained. We were all just there for the music.

I think you’ll believe what you like on this topic. Enjoy the lawn. Bye.


As will you. Like I said, I’m respectful of this sort of thing, however no matter how respectful I am, I get jerks telling me I’m doing it wrong.

If it means fewer people pointlessly taking flash photos with their point-and-shoot cameras, I’m all in favor of a move toward people taking smartphone photos/videos at concerts. At least that produces something more useful than a well-illuminated shot of the back of the head of the person in front of you.