Martha Stewart digs drones


IMHO, that device is not a drone, it is a RC Aircraft. Drones can fly autonomously outside of LOS of the operator.


She has a “security detail”? My my.

As noted, she is a media goddess…
I like that she has a donkey paddock. :smile:
The photos are cool, I dig the farm.

It’s a fancy name for bodyguards. Lots of celebrities have them because there are a few real crazy people out there. They really aren’t hired to take bullets for people, but just to keep some distance between the public and the celebrity.

Fun fact: John Lennon fired his bodyguard shortly before he was shot because he was tipped off that right wing crazies were planning to kill him and he didn’t want anybody to die for him.

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Maybe that’s why Martha called it a “drone-like, radio controlled aircraft”.

Use case: Delivering bouquets and knick-knacks to minimum security prisons.

Hey! I can see your ego from here.

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