Marvel allegedly can't stop tinkering with the Blade reboot script

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Sounds like a good thing in this case. Adding “more heroes and more villains” to these scripts to create cross-over opportunities is part of what’s sucking the life from them. There’s no need to have a major role for Black Knight in a Blade film. A brief appearance, a la Anthony Mackey as Falcon showing up in Ant-man to reveal how far Scott has come in learning his powers is fine. But keep the movie focused on its main character, not all the side acts. It’s why I hated Civil War of all the Captain America movies. It was basically Avengers 2.5.


“Some motherfuckers are always trying to iceskate uphill”


They need to study the 1998 film and forget everything else. And for Pete’s sake don’t put a bunch of sarcastic vampire jokes in the script. Let it take itself seriously for 5 minutes, I’m beggin’ ya. (Edit: Not that Snipes’ Blade didn’t crack jokes, but tonally it still worked.)

Having recently watched She-Hulk, I’m sincerely hoping that the Saracen character was a chance for them to get it out of their system, so that we can have some genuinely chilling vampires in the Blade movie.

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Civil War is one of my favorites, I think it’s better than, for example, Avengers 2, but I agree that interconnected stories for the sake of having interconnected stories don’t necessarily make it good. “A cast of thousands” worked well for Avengers 1, 3 and 4, No Way Home and Ragnarok, but not so well for Multiverse of Madness or Avengers 2. Reminding me of well acted Avengers characters I’m ok with, can understand them wanting to not feature a character from Eternals. It’d be like having a JarJar Binks cameo on a Star Wars show.

Has anyone inserted him into the Holiday Special yet?

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