Marvel's Blade reboot just got a new writer

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Yeah they can’t really afford a miss with this one. I hope they do what they did with Spider-Man and skip his origin story. We don’t need it, and younger viewers (I mean people in their 20s, not kids) can go back and watch the original if they want the origin story. Better to pick this story up with an already established Blade. The original movie was popular even with moviegoers who had no idea it was a Marvel comic, so this isn’t like introducing Iron Man. People know the basics of who this character is: half-vampire who hunts vampires.

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Right. You don’t need to origin story each time.

Hell - you know what - make 30sec 1 min introduction, like they used to do with the first page in the comic.Narration voice over with flash back scenes.

“In a world, where vampires roam the earth in darkness, one man stands in their way. Born of a mother ravaged by vampirism, gifted super human abilities from a bite by Morbious, the Living Vampire, and trained in the martial arts, he possesses the speed, strength, and fortitude of a vampire, with none of their weaknesses. He is the first line of defense between the world of the living, and the world of the dead. Foes tremble when they hear his name. He is the Daywalker. He is - BLADE!”

Swoop in logo, crescendo the music, before panning down to a street shot and starting the movie.

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