X-Men: Grand Design 11 - Ungodly Creature

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Works for me!

The use of the bare white really works well. Until I see it my eyes are assuming that the off-yellow page background is white, then POW!

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This is a well executed page, but one thing that stood out was the nice big knife which could eviscerate, and instead going for the iron molecules in red blood cells? Now, I am not much of an X Men fan (my fave comic back in the 1970s was Green Lantern/Green Arrow), but whoever came up with that, well, it isn’t even Fridge Logic because when I saw it in the book, I literally groaned.

I guess it’s to make Magneto seem even more badass, able to use even your blood against you, but for me it falls flat. But this is probably stuff old Marvel fans have long since known and accepted, so I shall chalk it up to being a First Comics fan in a Marvel world.

It’s a well executed tale, a logical extension of the storytelling form you honed in Whizzywig and Hip Hop Family Tree. You do the nostalgic look back well.

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If I remember correctly, I think in one of the X-Men movies Magneto pulled off a similar gimmick of siphoning all the iron out of a dude. That must be where I got it from.

This shall summon a deluge of correspondence from fans eager to point out that in that instance, Mystique had injected the unfortunate individual with extra iron, and it was the forceful removal of said iron that killed him rather than control over the iron directly.

I mean, c’mon, Magneto can’t just arbitrarily kill anyone just because they’ve got iron in their bloodstream. Even if he’s really, really pissed off.

(We’ll put aside the fact that the iron in hemoglobin wouldn’t be especially susceptible to magnetic fields to begin with, because comics.)

Stopped by the Phantom of the Attic and looked through the hard copy of the first few issues today and that white is so effective! Stops you in your tracks. Can’t wait for the next issues to come out. I’ll stop by for autographs when they drop. Great seeing you at the Too Groovy Toy Show the other weekend.

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