X-Men: Grand Design: Busting up the Nazis


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What a great technique! It works very well.


I haven’t read a ‘modern’ superhero comic is probably 25 years but this series has totally piqued by interest. I love the art and the way the story is being told. I’m definitely going to have to track this down.

ETA: Just purchased it online and will be looking forward to the read!


I really like Ed’s commentary/explanations; they add an extra layer to enjoy.


This was published during the time I was collecting the title, it was great. He didn’t mention that it also starred Black Widow.

You can see the body proportions Ed mentioned on display here.
(My one visit to Philly, on my one free day, we made the pilgrimage to the Muetter museum and they were having a fundraiser and kicked us out. Never saw the giant Cap-proportioned skelly :confounded: :rage:)

The funny (-ish) thing about it to me was that about 2002 I made a hamfisted attempt to sell my collection on Ebay, and I set the minimum to what money I’d put into it, figuring the bids would reflect the appreciation in value over time so I’d recover what I’d paid plus a little gravy. The few bids I got were all about, like, fifty bucks. So, I asked the community what I was doing wrong, and they said nobody really buys collections, the bidders all just wanted it for issue 268. That’s apparently the most valuable one between my unbroken streak from the mid-80s to 90 or 91.

Also, would you believe that while I was reading the commentary portion, this song came on the radio where I am? No foolin’

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