The first page of X-Men: Grand Design, with author and artist Ed Piskor's commentary


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Welcome back, Ed; we missed you! Congrats on landing your dream gig!




Hmm…I know I have X-Men #137, but I don’t even remember the Recorder!

Reading this first page, I figured he was a Piskor creation with an appropriate throwback mix-tape interface.

Can’t wait for the rest. Ed’s the perfect one to do this, the early hip-hop pantheon is about as complicated as all the X-men offshoots.


As someone who enjoys the Marvel mythos but is woefully unsteeped in the dauntingly large backstories, I love this concept.


good looking, Ed. really looking forward to this. X-men was the only title that I collected back when, except for offshoots like Wolverine and Excalibur. This strip speaks to me because damn the story arc is maddening; a clusterfuck of loose-ends, ret-cons, time-travel, and no-prizes.


My first introduction to X-Men was the 90’s animated series, the movies always seemed adequate.(half of them, anyway) I always found the task of trying to jump into the comics rather monumental, where do you start? the start? that seems like a huuge investment. anyways, this seems like lore without the filler. I will give it a shot.


I’m happy to see you back Ed! I love your work, and your dedication to your vision.


The first volume isn’t out in the UK until the 18th of this month, but I’ve pre-ordered it already because I’ve learnt in the past that Ed is a lovely bloke who cares about his readers.


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