Blade becomes a victim of the writer's strike

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I don’t see how the writer not writing is going to help the script?


“Blade” is not a victim of the writers’ strike; “Blade” is a victim of greedy studios who don’t want to pay their writers.


Things to do while waiting to play Blade; practice sword, practice stake, practice being just about to bite someone and then don’t, practice your glare (with and without shades), practice jumping through windows and landing cool. Floss.


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Let us not blame workers for consequences brought about by the greedy ones upstairs.


It takes the pressure off to rush a script through. They can just do a total reset now and go back to square one, starting when the strike is over, maybe even with some writers who are happier to write, assuming the strike is resolved to their satisfaction. Which is probably a big assumption, but we can always hope. In other words, they had a deadline, which was the projected release date. Now that it’s been put on hold, they have no deadline. They can relax a little for awhile, regroup, and then do this story right. Unfortunately, historically more projects have been harmed or outright killed by writers’ strikes than helped by them, but since this project appeared to be in trouble anyway…maybe this gives it a chance.

ETA: Just to be clear, I’m 100% on the side of the writers in the strike. In fact, I wish more performers would support them and strike as well, since a lot of them also write, but that’s not gonna happen.


Blade Casting:

Black Guy √
Not too muscular √
Pointy Chin √

Cast him as Blade.

Can you imagine Blade with a round face and bulging muscles?

Snipes was pretty jacked…

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But he didn’t look muscle bound in costume.

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