Marvin Minsky's "Society of Mind," a free course on AI from MIT

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Too soon.

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Too late, rather…

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I read the book long ago, but I am going to check out his lectures. So, thanks for the link.

I used to live in the Boston/Cambridge area and buy lots of books there. I was too psyched that one of the books I bought had a plate that it was from Minsky’s personal library.


I should check this out. Minsky (and Wiener) got mentioned a fair bit on my undergraduate course but I don’t think I ever looked at anything he did directly.

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Thank you!!! Love him!


For anyone who (like me) looked at the video to see how he used measure theory in his work, the blackboard in the youtube frame was apparently left over from an earlier class (my guess is a junior-level probability class).

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