Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence pioneer, RIP


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Another luminary of humanity extinguished. The world grows dimmer for a time.

To scattered futures go your thoughts
With all the dreams their agents brought


MIT has denied any knowledge of why all the world’s telephones inexplicably rang at the same time shortly after Minsky’s passing.


Did they freeze his brain?


I dunno, man, I’m starting to think artificial intelligence is not our friend. So far, all it’s given us is job losses and improved surveillance. Where’s my utopia?


What did you do to build it?

We won’t have what we won’t make ourselves. Not a good idea to wait for corporate handouts with strings attached all the way to The Cloud.


A lot of biologists probably don’t realize that besides his work on artificial intelligence, Minsky invented the confocal microscope, which is a major tool in many parts of biology today.


Back in the day, when the Internet was still cool ™, I was scanning the message titles in talk.origin. And there was Marvin Minsky replying to a question, clarifying a point.

A mensch, by all appearances.


Aw, man. I still haven’t fixed up my semi-working* MUSE.

* well it was, once.

@popobawa4u - I’m gonna hafta road-trip this to you this spring. Which is what I said last year, didn’t I…


I gave hearts to those with good ideas, and flags to those without.

##Mission Accomplished


In the world where “problems” with videogame arses get over fifty times more reactions than the post how to force a surveillance-related referendum, it’s no wonder the bottom of the handbasket is getting warm so fast.

Why do some subjects get more of a reaction than others?
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