Microsoft video shows how a blind software engineer uses AI to 'see' the world

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Wait til they merge in the “Tay” source tree.


Tay needs to get merged into Hawking’s speech synthesizer - instant Tourette’s.


Maybe instead of Tay they should go for the Roman Moronie from Johnny Dangerously bot.


Not sure why people are still commenting (here and on slashdot) about Tay. This isn’t about Tay. It’s advertising Microsoft’s “cognitive” vision, audio and sentence structure analysis webservices which might be quite useful for some applications, being packaged up neatly. Not sure how much of that is actually novel research.

The video though seems to be something quite different and far more advanced, if it actually is true and not just a fake video. I hope it is true since it would be an incredible thing for the sight impaired.

Anyway, not everything is about Tay and there is a long history of people trying to mess up chatbots. That MS didn’t expect that is very naive, but that it failed so spectacularly indicates Tay has some really powerful and expressive parts in it. Anyway MS is spamming the world with AI related PR and the Tay snafu is ruining it for them.

Ode to Commerce and Control:

The more the mask you’re wearing rips
As I’m taking all your money
Yes, we have your honour, we find the defendant guilty!

Huh? All I got there was:
“Tay. whine. something else. something. Anyway, Tay. Tay. Anyway… Tay whine


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