Fantastically far out poster for 1974 artificial intelligence lecture at UC Berkeley


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Herbert Simon was a pretty “far-out” character himself – not only was he a pioneer of artificial intelligence, he also received the 1978 Nobel Prize for Economics for his work on “bounded rationality” in which economic decisions are shown to often be suboptimal.

He also was working up until near his death – I remember hearing him give a lecture in 1999 where he described an AI system he was working on that apparently derived Kepler’s three laws from planetary data without the laws being hardcoded.


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I like this one too, “Just like a Woman” 1972 George Pennewell

Check out the detail on this cat



Those are both amazing illustrations.


I edited an article by him in the late 1980s. A nice guy as I recall.


Do we know who made the art? I’m thinking it might be Willyum Rowe, a known but little known graphic artist and early 70s poster designer. He’s perhaps best known for his dozens of Dover books. (I can’t think of anyone with more Dover books. Like this: Sadly, most of his Dover books are out of print, as far as I can tell. Some of them are pretty wild and quite similar to the poster above. He made a number of classic early 70s psychedelic posters that are also similar. Here’s one: Rowe worked under a number of names, hung out around academics, lived in Berkeley around that time, was always under the radar, and that poster above is exactly the kind of thing he might do in exchange for, say, dinner.


Well as long as we’re dropping the good stuff, here’s a reminder that it’s great to be alive–POW!–on Channel 85. #ImGoingToRepeatThatAgainForThoseOfYouOnDrugs


It looks like something by Heinz Edelmann (Yellow Submarine) combined with (particularly in terms of symmetry) Peter Max.


Blacklight poster? Lots of interesting spots for the glow.


Not sure: l just like the design…


Hmmmm. Yes, it’s in that territory, kinda. But the collage/pattern/flatness/deco/symmetery/etc. is more like Willyum Rowe (as I mentioned above). Maybe.


That cat is high . Look at that look in his eyes. I mean he’s high. He’s higher than a kite


Not really from the 1970s.


Pot. Hash. LSD The late 60s…early 70s.

What did I do? It’s all a haze.



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